Block Apps,
Build Habits.

Use screen time controls to limit time on distractions
until you get out of bed, exercise, fall asleep, and more.

How Does This App Work?

HipHabit ties screen time controls to the completion of daily goals.

Set Goals

HipHabit will ask you to set a bedtime and grant access to Apple Fitness goals. Everyone will have Sleep and Move goals. If you have an Apple Watch, you'll have an Exercise goal as well.

List Bad Habits

Which apps do you waste the most time on? List discouraged activities so that we can set app limits for them whenever you should be exercising instead.

Earn Rewards

When you complete all daily goals, you'll earn a reward that allows you to temporarily skip some goals. Some rewards are instant, while others, such as a "cheat day", require intentional use.

Screen Time Controls

Through setting app limits, HipHabit can prompt you to complete a variety of goals.

Day in Review
Get Up
Good Morning
Lying Down
Move Goal
Ready for Bed
Take a Break
Time to Exercise

Advanced Features

Simplicity requires attention to detail. HipHabit implements several subtle behaviors that motivate you to stick to your goals.

Get Out of Bed

Do you doomscroll before starting your day? HipHabit bugs you to get off your phone until you actually get out of bed.

Overcome Laziness

When you've been lying down and on your phone for too long, HipHabit reminds you to take a short break.

Add Friends

Recruit a friend to help you with your goals. Friends receive emails anytime you share achievements or disable the app.

A Gentle Strategy

HipHabit can be repeatedly paused, but each pause requires an incrementally longer waiting period (up to 30 minutes).

Anti-cheating Measures

Exercise-related goals can't be changed midday. If allowed, HipHabit can prevent itself from being removed.

App-based Goals

HipHabit can check if you've opened assigned apps to encourage a variety of habits like meditation and food tracking.

Download HipHabit

You are minutes away from building healthier habits.


Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

HipHabit helps you stick to a bedtime routine and stay off your phone until you get out of bed in the morning.

Push Yourself To Exercise

Screen time limits are set based on time of day and how much progress you've made towards completing your exercise goals.

Reward Yourself With Breaks

Take a break from daily routine with a reward such as a "cheat day" or a "late morning start".

Meet the Team

We first built HipHabit to help ourselves, and we hope the app will help you too.


Peter Lai

Peter studied Computer and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. He's been working on productivity software ever since. This app has been a passion project as he, through software, strives to improve his health.


Roo Hopper

Roo first moved to Texas to try out ranching before discovering a knack for customer success. She also plays in a band with her son, Joey, which makes her the hippest hopper on HipHabit support.